Calum Macpherson

Small business accounting specialist


Calum Macpherson is Collective Financial Partners’ resident Xero expert and small business accounting specialist.

Currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle, he is highly regarded for his ability to solve client issues quickly and efficiently. Committed to the pursuit of continuous learning, Cal will begin further studies in early 2022.

Having been a member of the team for five years, he’s responsible for onboarding new trainees and graduates joining the practice. He’s also managed to develop superpowers! 

Known within the CFP office as incredibly patient, calm, highly intelligent, and quick with the banter, it’s rumoured Cal knows more about Microsoft Excel than Bill Gates himself! There is no formula or shortcut around Excel he hasn’t found.

Cal grew up in the Maitland area and is one of 10 children. He supports and contributes to Movember each year and grows the best moustache in the region, not to mention he owns the perfect sombrero to match.

His superpowers are a result of being lured into Crossfit by our very own David Woodcock and now he’s hooked. You can find him at multiple classes each week (morning and night) and conversations in the office now involve things like squats, protein bars, kettlebells, and of course…tax, receipts, ledgers and all that fun stuff.

He makes the best Lasagne Cob Loaf in the Hunter that is guaranteed to draw a crowd, but the recipe is a secret so don’t bother asking.   


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