Darlene Torreliza

Administration Assistant

Darlene Torreliza is our Administration Assistant and works remotely from Baguio City in the Philippines. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in 2020 at Saint Louis University, Darlene wanted to learn essential skills in Financial Management and Administration.

As part of our team, her day-to-day work consists of organising client paperwork, appointments, and internal communications. She loves planning her workdays and says there’s nothing better than having a list of tasks, so you don’t forget anything!

Darlene is extremely detail-orientated and conscientious thanks to her science degree, making her skills perfect for her role. She says she has a great a sense of urgency which she believes is important in her role as it helps her prioritise tasks.

Outside of work, Darlene loves exploring her local area and listening to music. She says the one thing she never leaves home without are her earphones. Darlene’s hometown is known as the ‘Summer City Capital’ of the Philippines because of the colder climate. She says the area is beautiful with vast mountain ranges which makes exploring the city even more exciting.

If she’s not working or listening to music, Darlene likes to spend her free time sleeping or taking road trips with her friends and family. Two very different hobbies, we know!

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