David Woodcock

Director, Principal Accountant, & Financial Planner

B.Com, CA, Dip FS(FP), SMSF Auditor

Authorised Representative Number 1247555

David Woodcock, David Woodcock | Financial Planner & Accountant, Collective Financial Partners

David Woodcock has many years of practical experience managing the finances of firms’ clients, ranging from individuals, small businesses and to multi-million-dollar organisations.

While his career originally commenced as an accountant over 15 years ago, David quickly discovered his real passion was helping clients with all aspects of their personal and business wealth creation and now supports his clients with integrated business and personal financial planning advice. 

David specialises in personal wealth management and assisting small businesses with their accounting , business services and insurance needs.

David delivers a goals-oriented approach to his clients and begins each engagement by clearly understands their goals, needs and objectives. He remains committed to continuous professional development for the benefit of his clients.

Typical clients include small business owners, particularly those just starting out and looking to grow their business and personal wealth, pre-retirees and retirees. David enjoys working with people needing both business services and financial planning to deliver efficient and effective wealth creation plans.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Newcastle, is a qualified financial planner, chartered accountant, and tax agent.

David describes himself as a hands-on professional who encourages and supports his clients to achieve their ultimate potential. Growing up in the greater Maitland area, David is a big fan of the outdoors and pursues an active and energetic lifestyle alongside his wife and three children.

If his poor eyesight didn’t stand in his way the world of accounting and finance would have been millions of miles away – literally, as he travelled throughout the universe as an astronaut!


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