Mel Greaves

Client Concierge & JP

Melissa Greaves’ role covers important responsibilities all tied back to making sure our clients have a great experience during each interaction with our practice.

She meets and greets clients and guests on arrival, makes them feel welcome, and attends to any special requests they may have. If you need something done quickly, just ask Mel and watch her work magic – she will pull people and resources from everywhere to make it happen!

Sometimes clients drop into the practice if they’re in the area just to talk with Mel.

Known as the Gate Keeper, Mel is responsible for managing the diaries and schedules of Daniel, Blair, and David. It’s her job to know where each of them is at any point in time so meetings and appointments run efficiently, on time, and at the right location. 

Mel will tell you it’s like trying to land three jumbo jets at once some days, so maybe she’s an air traffic controller, too?!

Outside of work, Mel is always having a blast. She is the proudest mother of her daughter Aaliyah, they both love living in Speers Point and enjoying all that Lake Macquarie has to offer. Mel originally grew up near Redhead beach and does enjoy living near the water.

Mel gets great pleasure from spending time in her garden, social outings with her friends, dancing and camping in the outdoors. And if the sun is out, you might even see her dancing in the garden!

Mel is a walking juke box and knows more tunes than Spotify and can identify a song or artist faster than Shazam. Mel would love to read more books but just can’t find a spare minute between work, family and completing further studies on leadership and management.

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