Nicole Davies

Client Services Manager & JP

Nicole Davies is Collective Financial Partners’ client guru. Having begun her career in the financial services industry straight out of school, she’s passionate about helping clients achieve their personal goals.

As Client Services Manager Nicole’s priority is to focus on the individual needs of each client, learn their story, guide them through the different processes, provide information and explanation, and ultimately make their financial journey as stress-free as possible. She especially loves the fact that no two clients are the same.

She’s renowned in the Collective Financial Partners family as ‘The Organised One’ and believes honesty and trust are her two greatest personal qualities. Nicole is also looking to broaden her knowledge and skills having started studying a Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Born in Queanbeyan, Nicole has called Newcastle home since she was age three and has no plans of ever leaving. Her family is close, with her parents, two sisters and their families, plus Nicole and her three boys, all living within 15 minutes of each other. Every Sunday, you will find them together sharing a big family dinner.

Nicole’s favourite pastime is to grab her paddleboard and head to Swansea. She loves doing anything by the water, which is interesting given she’s absolutely terrified of sharks! Strangely, she’s also fascinated by them and loves nothing more than watching documentaries and diving clips of people swimming with the elasmobranchs.

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