Aged care financial planning

Aged care financial planning can be a complex issue, and different financial situations will require different strategies.

As financial professionals with specialist experience in aged care financial planning, Collective Financial Partners know how to manage clients and their individual circumstances. Because everyone is different, your aged care needs will be too.

Your financial options need to be considered well before it’s time to action your aged care financial plan. It’s important that you get solid advice that takes into consideration all possibilities.

Flexibility in aged care financial planning

When discussions begin about the future it is important to remember that plans will be fluid and circumstances may well change.

Our specialist aged care financial planners will ensure that flexibility is front of mind and can provide financial modelling of multiple care options.

During this time, you’ll need to think about whether remaining in the family home is viable, the option to downsize and remain in a privately owned dwelling, the level of care required, and whether you qualify for assistance from the government to help with day-to-day living.

If entering a residential aged care facility is the most appropriate option for you, finding the right facility to cater for your needs and understanding the financial implications are the key considerations.

When considering all your available financial assets, we take into consideration your family home, accommodation payments, care fees, and cash flow and investment plans.

Collective Financial Partners will advise on:

Getting to know the types of fees associated with aged care is important. You may encounter basic daily fees, accommodation costs, a means tested care fee, additional service fees, and more.

All your financial planning needs in one place

With years of experience in the aged care space, our financial planners can help you make the right decision.

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