Business Establishment

When it comes to business establishment, Collective Financial Partners has plenty of runs on the board

Over the years we’ve launched and grown several businesses that have developed and matured into the successful collective we are today. We’ve also stood alongside many clients who have taken an idea or a passion and created a profitable enterprise.

But that’s not to say business establishment is an easy path to making money. There’s a lot to consider. So, it makes sense to reach out for guidance from an experienced team with a lived experience of launching businesses.

How we help

When you engage Collective Financial Partners to help with the business establishment you can be confident all bases will be covered.

We will help you establish the right structure for your business, develop your business plan, complete a risk management strategy, take care of your business and taxation registrations, establish budgets, help you understand financing options, and establish invoicing and payment systems.

We will set up an appropriate record-keeping system, help you understand obligations to any employees you may bring into the business, and most importantly, be on hand to answer any questions you have about any aspect of business establishment.

Lastly, we’ll connect you with business insurance professionals to implement appropriate policies for your new business.

To start the ball rolling on your business launch, contact our team.

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