Financial services

Collective Financial Partners delivers financial services firmly focused on maximising growth.

Our team of finance specialists are committed to providing our clients with a range of services and a quality experience that meets their individual needs.

The result of a merger between respected agencies Bridges Lake Macquarie and WP Partners, Collective Financial Partners’ aim is to help businesses and individuals take control of their financial future. We’re pleased to offer our clients more options, additional expertise, and increased benefits under this exciting partnership.

Client-centred financial services

The financial services offered by Collective Financial Partners reflects the specialist nature of our team. Each advisor is highly skilled in their chosen area of expertise.

When you choose Collective Financial Partners to guide your financial growth, you can be confident of receiving quality advice that has your interests at the forefront.

We invite you to learn more about the services we offer across wealth management, accounting, business advisory and lending.

Our individualised approach to wealth management is centred on a comprehensive understanding of what you want to achieve.

When you engage Collective Financial Partners, you are entering an ongoing conversation about wealth management strategies and the range of options we provide, including:

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business, looking at restructuring the family business, or succession planning, our team business advisors are committed to delivering you the strategic guidance required to achieve your goals.

Our specialist services include:

Collective Financial Partners has long and successful professional relationships with several lending institutions and finance brokers.

These relationships ensure our clients do not have to seek out their own finance solutions as part of their overall strategy.

Need further advice?

After you’ve explored the wealth management, accounting, business advisory and lending services offered by Collective Financial Partners, we invite you to meet with us to discuss your needs in detail.