Investment Advice

Establishing an investment portfolio is a great way to get your money working harder for you. The sensible first step is seeking solid investment advice.

Collective Financial Partners has extensive knowledge and years of experience in helping identify an appropriate investment mix to suit your needs and goals and help you make the right decisions.

The first step to investing is understanding your long and short-term goals. An initial discussion with our team will help determine the investment advice you are seeking, the types of investments you are comfortable with, and your overall risk profile.

An appetite for risk?

Every investment you make has a risk factor as well as a potential reward. Risk relates to return – generally, the higher the risk, the high the expected return, similarly, the lower the risk, the lower the expected return.

Understanding this risk tolerance will help you determine an appropriate asset allocation, time frame and suitable investments.

Some people are comfortable with higher risk investments because they offer the potential for higher returns, others are more conservative and prefer more defensive investments such as fixed interest. When investing, it’s important to understand that the level of return will differ between asset classes.

Once you have established your risk profile – from conservative through balanced to growth – investments should be selected to suit your risk profile.

Options you can choose for your investment portfolio include:

Our best investment advice?
Spread your risks!

Diversification of your investment portfolio can help mitigate some risks – this can be achieved by simple principle’s such as spreading risk across various asset classes, industry sectors and countries.

The positive returns you receive from one investment or asset class can generally offset any negative returns you may receive from other investments within your portfolio.

Our professional team can help you find the most appropriate investment, with a risk/reward ratio you’re comfortable with.

Local advisors to the ready

Contact us today to kick off your portfolio with investment advice you can trust.

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