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Newcastle Caravan Repairs: more than just a client

Newcastle Caravan Repairs was working with an accountant for a number of years before they decided they weren’t suited to their business.

Their team was paying for an accountant who wasn’t engaged with their business and were looking for a team who not only understood their work, but also their values.

That’s where we came in.

Find out how we’ve helped Newcastle Caravan Repairs business grow and built stronger relationships along the way.

Who is Newcastle Caravan Repairs?

Founded in 2011, Newcastle Caravan Repairs is operated by Bryan Clifton and 16 staff members.

The business was originally a two-man team working out of a warehouse in Gateshead. But they quickly outgrew the premises and moved into their current location in Cardiff.

Newcastle Caravan Repairs is a leading insurance repairs service in Newcastle. They offer insurance and maintenance repair for all makes and models, with licensed mechanics on site.

What started as a simple caravan repair business for Bryan soon grew into two separate businesses – Newcastle Caravan Repairs and Vanman Caravans.

Vanman Caravans was established in 2019 as a caravan seller with three of their own vehicle brands.

As Bryan’s business quickly grew into two, he soon discovered the need for an accountant who he could trust to manage the finances of both businesses.

Joining the Collective Financial Partners family

When our team member, David Woodcock visited Newcastle Caravan Repairs to have his own caravan repaired, he and Bryan quickly got onto the topic of accounting and their businesses.

Bryan soon saw the value our team would provide and quickly made the decision to work with David to transfer his accounts to Collective Financial Partners in 2020.

Bryan and David have been working together ever since alongside our Small Business Accounting Specialist, Calum.

What started as a professional relationship soon grew into a great friendship as our team continued to offer more assistance to Bryan than his previous accountant.

“Working with Dave and Calum is more like working with a family now,” Bryan said.

“We have a great working relationship, but the support goes beyond that. Calum and Dave really have an interest and care about their individual clients. Other accountants don't do that.”

Finding the right team at the right time

As Bryan’s businesses continued to grow, our team assisted with a range of services including tax planning, annual BAS statements and general business advisory.

Our team also worked with Bryan through the difficult COVID-19 period and helped him grow the new Vanman business.            

Bryan said he loves the support and structure he receives from our team.

“They’ve given me some great general business advice as well as advice for moving forward,” Bryan said.

“I now have leases in place and tax planning that wasn’t a priority before. They’ve taken me and my business to the next level.

“What separates them from everyone else is their level of care. They will do anything to get something to you and they’re extremely supportive.”

While Bryan is impressed with the level of service provided by our team, he’s also delighted with the relationship he’s built with Dave.

“Dave has been a great help to our business. He always finds a common ground and becomes interested in all his clients’ businesses.”

The two will be heading on a caravanning adventure to Australia’s red centre later this year.

If you’re looking for a team that provides advice for growth, and are more than just your accountant, get in touch with us.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, just like Newcastle Caravan Repairs did?


Our team has a deep understanding of accounting for businesses and can offer the tools, support and advice to help you achieve your growth plans. Our commitment to customer experience means we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients – we get to the heart of your business and provide tailored advice for the best results.

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