Retirement planning

Retirement planning advice

A successful retirement doesn’t automatically happen, unfortunately. It requires a lot forward-thinking and seeking strategic retirement planning advice.

And this process of retirement planning can be stressful! Results from the most recent 2019 National Seniors Social Survey indicated that one in five participants frequently worry about outliving their savings and investments, and over half agreed that they worried either frequently or occasionally. Another 12 per cent have adjusted to their circumstances which means two-thirds have worried about outliving their savings.

Getting on top of your retirement plans now, and speaking with a financial planning expert, will help ensure you can retire comfortably.

How to plan a successful retirement

Your superannuation will make up a big part of your retirement nest egg, so it’s important to consider your options and do so as early in your working life as possible. No matter how far off retirement may be, planning will only help achieve positive outcomes when that time comes.

To plan, you need to know what you want to achieve. What do you hope to be spending your time doing when you’re retired? How much money will you need to comfortably achieve your retirement goals? When would you like to retire? What income streams will you rely on to fund your retirement? These questions, and more, are the starting point whenever you’re seeking retirement planning advice.

One aspect of retirement planning that we encourage our clients to think about as early as possible is the generous tax concessions that apply to superannuation contributions and retirement income streams. We’ll discuss strategies such as salary sacrificing a portion of your pre-tax income during the most productive years of your working life.

Our team of experienced wealth management specialists can help you create a roadmap to retirement. We work with you to discuss retirement strategies, the pension and other income streams, the transition to retirement, and much more.

We're here to help

Our expertise has helped countless clients retire in the knowledge their financial future is secure, allowing them to relax and enjoy this stage of life. Contact us today to begin the journey towards a financially stable future.

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