Are you launching a new business and considering a business accountant? Or is your current business growth leading you to question if you need to hand your accounts to a professional?

Doing your own business accounting can quickly become complex when you consider the needs of your business, changing government legislation and daunting paperwork.

Not only can a business accountant help you regain your precious time to spend elsewhere, but we can also relieve business pressure by taking on the complexity of legislative and reporting requirements.

At Collective Financial Partners, we help businesses at various stages of growth – here are a few reasons to consider an accountant for your business.

Business accountants can help ease your workload

When it comes to running a business, you will need all the time you have to deal with your day-to-day operations. If your specialties don’t lie in your finances, outsourcing your accounting to a trusted advisor can give you back invaluable time and resources to spend elsewhere.

In addition, our business accountants can provide advice and insights that can lead to improvements to your business that could save you time and money.

A business accountant can help you succeed

Involving a business accountant in your overall business’s goals and activities can lead to countless additional benefits beyond gaining a grasp of your finances.

If your business requires a business plan, a business accountant can help you use accounting software to add projections and reports to your plan. This gives you a more realistic and professional looking plan that, backed by data and professional insights, is more likely to succeed.

A business accountant can also assist with your company’s legal structure. There are different types of legal structures, and not all of them may suit your business. We will explain the various structures that are available, so you choose the most suitable and beneficial structure for your business.

Stay on top of rules and regulations

There are a lot of government hoops to jump through to run a business and, with that, a lot of daunting paperwork. With regulations continually changing, it’s important that your business stays up to date and complies with current requirements to avoid any issues later.

We are continuously reviewing government requirements and will ensure your business fulfils its needs regarding legal and compliance documentation, annual account statements, record keeping, registration, payroll and more.

When is the right time to hire a business accountant?

We recommend every business considers outsourcing their accounts to a professional once you have sufficient discretionary funds. In addition, if your business is growing rapidly, if you are looking to purchase or sell a business, you are looking to take out a business loan or want protection from auditing and other legislation scrutiny, a business accountant will be an invaluable addition to your external team.

Our team of experienced business accountants can help you at every stage of your business’ development. We work closely with our clients to make life easier for you and ensure you have the tools and advice you need for success and growth.