Aged care financial planning

Your needs, your plan

Aged care financial planning can be a complex issue.

Because everyone is different, your aged care needs will be too. That means your planning strategies need to be tailored to your unique circumstances. However, because those circumstances may well change, it’s important that your planning can adapt to give you best possible outcomes.

That’s where Collective Financial Partners come in.

With years of experience in the aged care space, our specialist financial planners can help you make the right decisions with flexible strategies designed to accommodate your needs, whatever the circumstances.

Personalised planning for your aged care

To ensure your aged care meets your specific needs, it’s vital to get solid advice that takes into consideration all possibilities. Perhaps most importantly, your financial options need to be considered well before it’s time to action your aged care financial plan.

Collective Financial Partners’ specialist aged care planners will tailor a flexible plan incorporating financial modelling for multiple care options to ensure your aged care requirements are covered no matter what.

That’s real peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

We advise on

  • Strategies for funding accommodation payments
  • Maximising Government pensions
  • Minimising your nursing home fees
  • Negotiating with aged care facilities
  • Reviewing and planning for any tax implications
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